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JOAL Media LLC controls three pivotal blogs in the digital landscape. We run two uniquely branded Daytime Soap sites, Soap Spoiler and Celebrating the Soaps, each offering 24/7 coverage of the four American daytime dramas, as well as international soap operas. Our Celeb Justice site investigates the hottest celebrity scandal, drama, and outrageousness from around the globe. Travel New Paths is the go to site for people who want to avoid all of the pitfalls and make their travel experiences fantastic.

JOAL Media is in constant pursuit of new growth opportunities to expand our brand and specializes in interactive social media; our analytics reveal that our dedicated direct-traffic fan base increases every quarter.

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Expanding Our Reach

JOAL Media LLC’s brands excel at delivering the most sought-after digital content, across multiple platforms. The demand for our unique blend of reporting and analysis is reflected in our accelerated growth numbers:

Our stats show that JOAL Media’s select brand of entertainment reporting draws and retains a loyal readership. Our social media presence has enabled us to rapidly expand our reach, widen our influence, and make a lasting impact on our audience.

JOAL Media is constantly researching avenues to increase our visibility including the use of email marketing, social media advertising, and search engine optimization, leading to brand expansion, quarter after quarter, year after year.